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Because Hika obviously cannot think of titles.

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24 February
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ideas are, in truth, forces
Heya, I'm Hika! After hitting 8 years on Livejournal, I decided to finally write more of my profile.

I love tons of Johnny's Entertainment idols, with Kinki Kids and Tackey & Tsubasa being my most favorite. I follow ABC-Z. and a few various other senpai groups too, thanks to the friends I've followed. It's really hard to pick and name names.. There's not enough time to fangirl everyone!!

I like to draw and play games a lot. I don't write as much but I try so I can keep some precious memories. Ultimately I try to enjoy life so I like to document tough times and good things. Thanks for stopping by!

I'm always looking to sub anything Tackey & Tsubasa/Tsubasa related, so hit me up if you've got a project! I'll do anything along the lines of timing, typesetting and proofreading.. Please work with me...

My journal is NOT friends only, because I have nothing to hide. 8D

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