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Do a sushi roll.. !!
Because Hika obviously cannot think of titles.
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Hello and welcome! This journal is totally public; I don't hide any entries or anything of that sort. You can navigate using the links over towards the right.

I post drawings and write entries about real life. I try write about things that are memorable to me so it's fun to look back on.
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2nd-Jul-2018 08:09 am - 2018.7.01 Miku Expo

I went to Miku Expo 2018 with my friends. None of us felt we really knew much about Vocaloids (I realized I knew a lot more than I thought I did as the concert progressed) but we had fun! Apparently this year marks the 10th year anniversary of Miku.

As I did the research for the song list from what I could remember, I see that Miku Expo seems to be the worldwide version of what's known as Magical Mirai 2018 in Japan. The set list that played at my event also seems to have differed from the one that played before my location. I have composed my song list using information from that page.

There are SPOILERS so check back later for my impressions if you don't want to know what songs played! Just in case, I'll even LJ cut it to prevent you!! Regardless, there is a possibility the songs might change at different locations.


We left the show at around 10:30 P.M. Tired and parched from all that dancing, we went to get Korean food for dinner before heading home. Shoutout to my friends for coming with me to this event. I'm glad we could all have fun even while knowing nothing about Vocaloids. Tickets and goods are still available here so check it out if you want!
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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu brought her "The Spooky Obakeyashi" concert she performed in Japan last year to America for her World Tour. It was my first time ever seeing her perform live and I didn't know what it would be like and I am letting you all know that she is FANTASTIC! She is a wonderful performer. Her stage is colorful and fun, her backup dancers are also dressed up in interesting costumes just as she did! The stage on standby had this backdrop..

As the lights dimmed down for the concert to begin, a VTR began to play. Kyary wakes up in her standby room to find herself face to face with three Obakeyashiki: Kasa-obake (umbrella monster), an elderly long neck monster (I think Rokurokubi??) and an Okami. The three tell Kyary that she MUST show the world how scary Japanese obake are because people only find American monsters scary, to which Kyary says it's because obake are cute! The three are enraged at being called cute and demand Kyary to put on a scary show immediately or they will put a curse on her AND her audience. Kyary protests and says they can't do that, but they send her off to perform before she can get a word in-- but not before changing her costume with magic! The VTR cuts off here and the stage curtains rise, revealing a beautiful set from which Kyary enters, wearing her altered costume with the help of the obake. It's pretty much this costume pictured here on the clearfile they handed out to all of us as we entered the venue. (EDIT: It seems to be this VTR!)

I seriously would have PAID for this!! This is so nice!!

The venue was much smaller than where she performed in Japan, but they used the stage to its full potential. I noticed in the ZIP news clip I posted earlier there was a dance battle she did. There was no dance battle in the American performance but she did show off her moves so it was pretty much all on her! Also featured in the clip was the Kasa-obake dancing on stage, but for this performance it was only the Rokurokubi and Okami who came out to play. There was a performance she did with the dancing Okami too, but I don't know what song it is.

Kyary performed a lot of her songs. I was surprised she could keep going. She did PON PON PON as her final song during the encore and recorded an Instagram live of the audience. She had three costume changes, the last one being for the duration of the encore. We clapped for a long time for an encore and I was wondering what was taking so long (I thought she would just clean up but NO, it was a FULL COSTUME CHANGE to one she called "Happy Exorcist"). I quickly doodled the costumes she had during the performance. The black one, she said, was inspired by a crow.

Her MCs were short. I remember for the first one she read the person standing next to me's sign "Love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu." She thanked San Francisco and asked if everyone was having fun. She said she ate crab at some point (I saw a shot on Instagram!). After the dance battle she asked if we liked her dance moves and talked about how she had a stiff body (NY fancam, but probably the same thing she said here).

Here's what I could remember of the songs she performed (in no particular order, although I tried to keep it close..). Here's one or two fancams if you're interested!
Kimino Mikata

All in all, it was a super fun concert. We all danced along with her and she was so, so cute! Kyary is a really great performer. She puts on a show when she sings. It's really fun for all ages and I highly recommend her whether it's a first for you or your friends.
13th-Jun-2018 10:05 pm - [ENG-SUB] 2018.02.23 Pussuma
I subbed an episode of Pussuma which aired last week on 2/23. Pussuma is a variety show hosted by ex-SMAP member Kusunagi Tsuyoshi and Yusuke Santamaria. This time they challenge an idol dance and Cocorico's Tanaka, UNJASH's Kojima and Fruit Punch's Murakami appear as guests. The idol group featured is Chubbiness. This is Part 2 to the Part 1 episode which aired on 2/16
MEGA link if anyone wants.
Tumblr Mirror: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 
Softsubs if you want to contribute better translations for lines I have submitted.
As always I am open to being notified of better translations for any lines.
Of further interest...
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It's been a year and Miyavi's back in San Francisco! I wasn't sure about going this time as I had just seen him last year, but I got a ticket from @zooyorkshibby and heck, decided to go. I went with one buddy who went last year and he brought another buddy who didn't know about Miyavi but wanted to come alone for the rock. (He enjoyed it and is now a fan. I told him I was just like him last year) The first thing I did was immediately buy a tour shirt because I've been regretting not doing so last year! There were only two left when I got to the counter so it was fate. My buddy tells me I'm lucky I'm small, as M, L, XL always get sold out first.

In any case, it was a great show! From the moment Miyavi came on stage we all got hyped. I couldn't believe he's still as beautiful this year, as is his soul. The venue was small so the crowd could be really close! I'm still tired right now as I write this. There was a lot of jumping and yelling.

I don't know all the songs he played but I definitely knew these. I think he did two cover songs but I don't know of what.

-Pink Spider (cover, maybe X Japan?)
-The Others
-What's My Name
-What a Wonderful World

I'm not someone who takes videos while watching a show and I wasn't as close anyway. There's always someone with a better phone who is closer and blocking my view anyway. Sooo here are some if anyone wanted to see what they're like!

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I subbed a segment from 2016.05.25 Wednesday Downtown. It's very quick and dirty, so I hope you'll excuse me. I just wanted to share the clip because I think it's one of the best WDT segments and really, I don't think English was really needed to enjoy the clip but it does help guide the viewer a bit.

Download from Mediafire (233 MB)

glasses, tsubasa
21st-Feb-2018 03:26 pm - [ENG-SUB] 2018.02.16 Pussuma
I subbed an episode of Pussuma which aired last week on 2/16. Pussuma is a variety show hosted by ex-SMAP member Kusunagi Tsuyoshi and Yusuke Santamaria. This time they challenge an idol dance and Cocorico's Tanaka, UNJASH's Kojima and Fruit Punch's Murakami appear as guests. The idol group featured here is Chubbiness.

MEGA link if anyone wants 
This is part one of two, I believe? The next one is set to air on 2/23. I think the quality of this video is OK, but I'm totally open if someone wants to pass me a higher quality one.
As always I am open to being notified of better translations for any lines.

Of further interest...
thetv.jp article
Chubbiness International Fans Twitter
MuraKen practicing by himself (from his IG)
25th-Nov-2017 12:37 pm - [ENG-SUB] Rice - Banana
I found this skit by accident while browsing Dailymotion/Youtube and it was so hilarious I had to sub it. The highest quality version of the video I could find had Chinese hardsubs so I did my best to cover them up.

If you have time to kill, I highly suggest checking it out!
 I still laugh even now! I knew of Rice from watching Ametalk's "Entertainers who are bad at sports" special last year. Tadokoro from Rice was the newest addition and I liked him a lot. I'm glad to know their skits are fun too.

23rd-Oct-2017 11:18 am - [ENG-SUB] Zabunguru - Noritsukkomi
I saw another Zabunguru skit I liked.

This one is from Ametalk's special, Pakuritai Grand Prix (Fujimon and Zakiyama want to imitate/parody). Zabunguru aren't actually on TV much and it was nice to be able to get this one in high quality. (Thank you Ernie!!)
30th-Sep-2017 03:11 pm - [ENG-SUB] Zabunguru - "Cunning"
I just saw the funniest Zabunguru skit in my life so I stopped everything and loosely translated it.

It's the infamous IMPOSSIBRU guy and his partner, Matsuo, who has been on every single one of Ame-talk's "Entertainers who are bad at sports" (Undo-shinkei Warui Geinin). The glasses guy they make fun of especially for his swimming portion because it looks like he's calling out to the god of the sea.

Download from Mediafire (117 MB)

This clip came from Owaraisaa~n, a show hosted by Summers. Just in case anyone didn't know what the EXILE reference was, you can check here.

glasses, tsubasa
I got my GACHI pamphlet from[livejournal.com profile] chuckles0505 last week. I really appreciate she was taking preorders for their stage!! I never saw an opportunity to be able to get 4U goods before so I immediately jumped in! Thank you ^^
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