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Because Hika obviously cannot think of titles.
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Hello and welcome! This journal is totally public; I don't hide any entries or anything of that sort. You can navigate using the links over towards the right.

I post drawings and write entries about real life. I try write about things that are memorable to me so it's fun to look back on.
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I noticed I have a lot of dead images in the past few posts about my travels O_O Yow, I should get that fixed soon, and I mean soon not put-off soon. I have a few days of my break left before school starts. I don't know what to expect this semester and I'm really scared.. I'm starting my Master's Project and though it's a one unit class, I'm told it requires lots of time and work, more than a regular 3 unit class. I lightened my load to be below what classifies as a full time student to prepare, but my schedule looks so bare I'm wondering if I'm going too easy on myself..

But what I really wanted to write about today was events from last weekend! Three other friends and I bought a Groupon together to do a Castle Escape game. My friend Helen has done it a few times, but for the other three including me it was going to be a brand new experience. We wanted to see how we would work as a team. The place we went to wasn't exactly decked out as amazingly as the ones Helen had been to, but it was still fun for us first-timers. I noticed that our friend Jessica was really jumpy at anything scary! I had previously wanted to do a scary-themed one, but the way Jessica got spooked over nothing made me realize that's a no-go for future escape game plans. Both Jessica and Helen overthink things, and for this escape game, there were a lot of red herrings that they spend time on trying to figure out the meaning of the puzzle. As for me, I seem to resort to brute force when I can't open anything! Locked chests, hidden compartments... I would try to forcibly open them. XD It wasn't a bad thing since we got a hold of some key items that way.. We made it out but we had to ask for help twice. We took a pic after but I haven't seen it uploaded on their website yet!

After that we returned to base and wrote a letter to our friend in the next state over. We took turns writing it so it will probably be very confusing for her. XD We decided to have dinner at a new restaurant called Sizzle Spot that opened up nearby. They serve Japanese-Vietnamese food fusion which sounded very unique to me so I really wanted to try it. It was REALLY good in my opinion. They did mess up Helen's order but she still had a good time. I'd like to come back with my family sometime too!

When we finished dinner we returned to play card games: BS (I won) and blackjack since I was talking about casinos. We finished the rest of our hangout session talking about SAD ADULT LIFE RESPONSIBILITIES and then went home since everyone was tired and also down with the flu. Except me. I've been surrounded with sick family members and friends that I'm terribly worried I'll catch something! As of now, I SEEM to be okay!

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15th-Jun-2016 06:35 pm - Visiting Vietnam
All right, after years of refusing to go every time my dad went to Vietnam, I finally went this year since I am completely free for the summer. In the middle of the trip we visited Thailand for my dad's business trip, which I have written about here.
First and Second Day
Upon arriving in Ho Chi Minh City I was welcomed with an immediate rush of humid heat. I found it hard to breathe and wondered how I would make it through the entire two weeks if it was already this hot on my first day. As we left the airport and looked at the city buildings flying past us as we traveled by car, I could see numerous buildings typical of a bustling city. The streets were populated with motorbikes. I hear a lot that there are no road rules here and seeing that in truth is terrifying. Even the car we rode in had no seat belts. I was very confused and concerned about that fact for awhile.

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15th-Jun-2016 06:17 pm - Trip to Thailand!
I went to Thailand over the weekend! Funny enough I was kind of using this post from the 2wenty_2wo community to plan my trip. I thought it would lead me to discover some exciting things and food, since the LJ users responding were all natives. XD Well, I didn't follow it exactly, but I did have quite the adventure!

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I was going through my art folder looking for any unfinished projects and I found a WIP I had totally forgotten about and finished it. XD It's meant to accompany the School Revolution Tsubasa doodles I did awhile back but I didn't have the time to.

He's so cute!! This is the in-pain version. XD

That's it! I thought to post since.. I posted last time. I'm going on a trip soon and I'm really nervous!
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23rd-Apr-2016 09:07 am - Short weekend in Portland/Seatle
Breakfast at IHOP, since we were starving upon our arrival into PDX at 8 AM. We hit the road, making our way towards the city's highest bridge.

We headed straight for southern Portland to check out the Air Tram, thinking we'd start our trip with an aerial view of the city. I could see a lot of the bridges that connected Portland and Mt. St. Helen. 

Afterwards we headed for Downtown Portland where we stopped by the Alder Street Food Cart Pods. I had read that Portland is very famous for its food carts that run throughout an entire block. I got a Spanish Seafood Paella from a Morrocan stall and my dad and I had the most delicious deep fried soft-shelled crab. It was very tasty!

Alder Street Food Cart Pods

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15th-Nov-2015 10:04 pm - Tsubasa is too sweet.. Q_Q
According to this Twit, Tsubasa gave away that necklace he has worn since forever. I remember seeing it about 3-4 years ago around the time T&T came back after a hiatus of sorts of solo-only activities.

Nothing big, I just wanted to say it was an accessory of his I always loved seeing on him. I just thought it was cute how he always remembered to wear it. When I'm drawing him, if he's wearing a shirt with a neckline deep enough, I'll be sure to include it.

I don't care so much that he has given it away, but I'm just overfilled with feelings on how wonderful he is to his fans. I swear, he will give anything he can away (the shirt off his back for once! D&R'09!), He is seriously the sweetest man ever and I really really adore him >_<

I hope we can always remember to be kind too! It's especially important when there is sad news going on!
17th-Oct-2015 10:09 pm - Tsubasa's birthday *^^*
My scanner is working again!! For the month of October, there is art challenge called Inktober where one tries to draw something everyday using ink. I participated last year and I guess so far I am doing okay this year. I hadn't originally intended to participate since I've been so busy with school, but I am trying to set aside at least one hour a day to draw to unwind. Aaand, somehow I've been able to do it.

I also intended to draw only with black ink as I did last year due to interest of time, but some days ago, I saw another fellow artist color her pictures beautifully with pen. It reminded me that I have some colored pens I stashed away since the 5th grade! I thought I should try to use them up, since they weren't great pens or anything like that and I wanted to get rid of them. So since, I have been trying to do colored works, which was also unexpected on my part. Man, this month is just making me do the unexpected! It's an interesting challenge I set forth for myself.

Um, anyway!! Because it's Tsubasa's birthday, I went ahead and drew him. ^^a My wish is for him to always be happy and have something to smile about. His smile is my sunshine. ^^

.. Really!! If it weren't for Tsubasa, I would not have been drawing as much as I do now or trying new things with both art and life. I am able to be brave because he is brave, so.. yeah.. The usual "this is my idol" insert lines.  ^^;;

Ah, I'm talking so much. The reason for my opening statement was because I just wanted to say how happy I am that I don't have to deal with crappy phone photos of my doodles, but I know what you're thinking: just post the art and go already, Hika!

This one was for @J_1Draw on twitter. ^^

For some reason, writing this entry makes me feel like confessing things. -laugh- I actually get so nervous every time I draw these in pen! I don't use whiteout (because I want to avoid being too much of a perfectionist, again, due to interest of time) so I'm always scared when I start putting pen to paper. Sometimes I don't even have a proper pencil sketch before I start working. When I make a mistake and miss a stroke, I feel like dying. XDa So you can imagine the stress levels when I'm doing something like inking a drawing of Tsubasa !! (But I do it anyway, I'm crazy!)
29th-Sep-2015 12:03 pm - School Revolution Tsubasa
I drew this a week and a half back when Tsubasa guested on School Revolution.

He's SOOOOO cute!! I wanted to draw more but I don't have the time. I wanted He blended in sooo well with HSJ. XD

I have a clip of the preview for the episode here on Mediafire. It's the same thing I posted to 2wenty_2wo and takitsubalove.
20th-Aug-2015 08:25 am - 2015 Summer of Playzone
I've been meaning to marathon Playzone for some time now to make sure I watch EVERYTHING, since there were things I pretty much denied myself due to school at the time. That is to say, I didn't REALLY start marathoning, but.. 

I was watching Playzone 2014's disc 2 at first, and switching back to 2010.. Dang!! It's really something to see how the boys have grown up within those 4 years of performing together. In PZ'14, we can see Tsubasa talking about how he's the troupe leader and see him discussing dance numbers with the other boys. He says things like, "Think about your roles when performing this." Honestly, if I was told that, I'd be terrified! Like, what role?! I know that that way, the boys are assigned responsibilities for what they want to perform, but that's some huge pressure in my opinion. XD

I'm watching 2010 and you can just sense how worried and unsure Tsubasa was then in taking part in Playzone. I could feel my tears well up, knowing how much more confident he's become now. I'm so proud of him, and I'm so happy to see how much all the seniors praise him!! AND THEN WHEN MATCHY CAME AND SAID TSUBASA WAS REALLY HUMBLE AND THAT HE WONDERED WHAT TSUBASA WAS WORRIED ABOUT.. AND THAT NO ONE HAS TO WORRY ABOUT TSUBASA ANYMORE.. I could cry!! I've lost count of how many times I could hear Tsubasa saying "arigatou gozaimasu" to all the seniors who came to see him. He's so earnest. I'm completely floored with admiration for him.

Actually, if I didn't cry then, I DEFINITELY DID WHEN MATCHY SUDDENLY APPEARED AT THE LAST SHOW and told the audience how before the shows Tsubasa had given him a call asking for advice. I remember reading about this and kind of forgot since, but seeing it now I can better understand the amount of pressure Tsubasa felt. That just makes me happier that Tsubasa has become so much stronger, for himself and for everyone.. and he shows it, especially since he's had the position as chairman for Playzone. 

ANYWAY, it was SOOO funny! I love JE! Everyone's so hilarious!! I love how some of the special guests come on stage like they're there to audition. I LOVE when Uekusa came and said he was the theater's owner (Is this a reference to SHOCK? Was SHOCK ever performed at this theater?) and wanted to audition!! AND THEN HE STARTED DANCING TO DIAMOND EYES!! AND THEN MESSED UP!? YARA WAS SO CUTE. He noticed and started playing along before Uekusa yelled STOP!!! I laughed so much at that.. Everyone loves good senpai/kouhai relationships, and I am no different. 

Other things:
-When Higashiyama said his and Uekusa's pictures shown as a montage on the screen made it seem like they were dead. XD
-Yara rehearsing and Higashiyama watching him. So cute XD
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8th-Aug-2015 10:36 am - Weekend Trip to Reno, Nevada
I went to Reno, Nevada for a 2-day trip last month. I had the week off and I wanted to go out and do something out of town, so I went on a road trip there along with my dad and sister. It's been some years since we last visited there.

It was nice! We mostly did sight-seeing, since my sister and I are old enough to appreciate that kind of thing better. The first day we were there, we took a look at the casinos that gave us fond memories. Atlantis had a nice top floor with a sky roof where they served sushi and hosted an oyster bar. I thought it was a nice and calming atmosphere, despite the numerous slot machines scattered all around the bar.

Heck, I'd love to pull slots here.

We visited the El Dorado/Circus Circus/Silver Legacy joint as well. It has always been our favorite place when we were kids. The game floor was always exciting, and winning stuffed animals was always the best. Every time I come here, since I was a kid, I would always hope there'd be giant plush Pokemon as prizes. The number has increased dramatically since. This time, a whole like of giant Pikachu were displayed all around a "knock the blocks" kind of game booth.

We also made a quick trip to the planetarium to look at ACTUAL METEORS FROM SPACE. It was free, but I left some money for donations.

My dad and sister wanted to eat at a buffet, since that is THE thing to do while in Reno for us. We chose to eat a seafood buffet, and it was nice! The dessert bar was beyond anything I had ever seen at a buffet (I don't eat buffets often). All the desserts were so cute! As I went back to get another serving of cheesecake, a man before me asked the chef if he could have a bananas foster.

"What's that?" I ask him, and as he explained to me it was ice cream with bananas and rum, I glanced over at the chef and said, "I'll have what he's having." Oh boy, it was delicious!! I discovered a new favorite dessert and I would love to have it again someday, somewhere. I really regret not having a second helping, but my dad said I had had too many sweets already at that point. XD

I will probably never get to have dessert like this again unless I'm at another buffet. XD

After dinner, my dad and sister wanted to walk off the energy from everything we had eaten, so we took a stroll down Victorian Square nearby. It was really pretty! I wanted to see the train tour the next day, but we couldn't.

Topping off my trip off, we ate at a place called M&M's Fish and Chicken Express. It's a small little shack, but because the food was very different from our usual tastes, we thought we'd give it a try. I mean, it's Southern cooking, and they have frog legs on their menu?! Frog legs have always tasted exactly like chicken to me, as cliche as they always try to pull it off.

The ribs were okay, but the fish and chicken are yuuum!
And that's it! I don't go on trips all that often, and I've been trying to go out and see places more to try and learn how to appreciate that kind of thing. I'm not very outdoorsy at all. XD
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